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portrait photograph by Julian Dolman
Martin Sacks portrait photo
Rima Te Wiata Actor Headshot
Luke Arnold
Lauren Esposito
Rahart Adams
model test shoot julian dolman
Neil Gibb studio Author Portrait
Daria Varlamova
Benjie McNair Actor Headshot
Carla Bonner
Mark Brandi
Kate Jenkinson Headshot
Nicole Car Artist headshot
Gavin Wanganeen AFL legend headshot
Fiona Jopson
Brenton Spiteri portrait
Lorna Deng Model Headshot
Anna O'Byrne
Musican headshot
Tony Financial Review portrait
Paul MacPhail portrait
Portrait photo by Julian Dolman
Bianca Linton portrait photo by Julian Dolman
portrait photograph by Julian Dolman
Kym Jackson author photo
portrait photograph by Julian Dolman
portrait photograph by Julian Dolman

Portrait photographer Melbourne

Celebrity and Environmental portrait photo’s and headshots by Julian Dolman.

Based from his Melbourne portrait photography studio Julian Dolman has photographed established Actors along with sports and entertainment Celebrities over an almost 20 year career.

Once all is said and done the craft of portrait photography lies in engaging with the subject in front of the lens. Of course the quality of the lens and the light is important, but mainly it’s in making the subject feel at ease and allowing their true personality to be captured, it’s this that forms the most important element in producing a powerful portrait photograph.


The approach to every shoot is different and depends on the individual brief. Jules is known for natural light and is equally at home in the studio producing a simple yet engaging portrait style.

A Collaborative approach is always welcome and and input can be arranged from a broad network of makeup artists and wardrobe stylists as required to deliver shoots with a richer creative elements.