Kids / Teen Headshots

Charlotte kelly Headshot
Tayla Bozelle
Lucinda Armstrong Hall
Blake Draper actor head shot photo
Tianah Peroulis Kids headshot
Katelyn Touhy Child Headshot
teen headshot photography
Olivia Sprague headshot
Heidi Sprague headshot
Finn Woodlock headshot
Elliott Hall headshot
Caleb Jarcevic headshot teens
Elizabeth Chan headshot
Alexia Enriquez kids headshot
Gisele Szulc children's headshot
Alexia Enriquez kids headshot
Aston Droomer kids headshot
Hattie Hook teen headshot
Isabella Tuccio actor headshot
Imogen Premraj kids actor headshots
Elysia Matusik child headshot

Professional Headshot photos for kids and teens

Our crew are highly experienced and share an easy rapport with children of all ages enabling natural and engaging headshots and portraits to be captured in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.

We offer both natural light and studio sessions for kids and teens who are working within the entertainment industry already, as well as those who are wanting to try their hand at getting an agent and going to castings.

We are happy to provide suggestions on clothing and  agency referrals if required, and can book shoots with the help of a hair and makeup artist to enhance the shoot, enabling greater variation in the looks that can maximise casting options.

We have a very friendly team and our studio is referred by many of the most reputable agencies across Melbourne. We ultimately pride ourselves on the highest quality work and our fast turnaround time with shoots so no casting or opportunity is missed.

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