Sometimes we shoot on Saturdays, but they do fill up quick. It’s best to book well in advance for a Saturday spot.

Most definitely. Our photographers will show you heaps of great tricks and direct you throughout the entire shoot process, while reviewing images and adjusting along the way.

Our studio has lots of window light (it really is amazing – take our word for it). We have also fitted outside textures to moveable walls so we can create an outside look for you while you keep warm with a hot drink and some tunes!

We also have a massive undercover carpark below our studio so we can always pop down there and get some great shots if you really prefer to shoot outside.

Both are great, but have pro and cons. Jules and Nicholas really prefer natural light for Headshots as it offers a really beautiful and soft quality if you know what you’re looking for. It also ensures that you get a result that is a bit unique and helps make your headshots really pop.

Josh is our studio lighting guru and this environment is great when weather doesn’t permit being outside and you need to have great control over the result.

Wardrobe choice is an important part of a successful headshot and can give your shots the right aesthetic. Once you’re booked in, we will send you detailed notes on what to bring. A few quick pointers are listed below:

  • Darker colours are good and/or colours that match your eyes or skin tone.
  • Avoid patterns or shapeless baggy tops.
  • Different textures i.e. silks and knits, lace for girls and textured jacket shirts for guys.
  • Variation in the neckline i.e. v-necks that sit close to the base of the neck are great, as well as some layering options with collars.

Quite simply, a good headshot should look like you at your absolute best without being a glamour or fashion shot. It needs to be confident and engaging while maintaining a friendly but approachable authority. The eyes are always the centre piece of a great shot and this is where our photographers’ focus is literally, and metaphorically, pointed.

Sure you can, but just bare in mind that makeup for shoots is not the same as Saturday night so keep it simple and natural and come prepared with a touch up kit. We may also need to add some time to your shoot so you have time to make changes where necessary.

Absolutely, if you can and if budget permits it is money very well spent. There is a fine art to getting these bits right for headshots so why not leave it to a professional. We provide a makeup service at our studio for this reason.