Celebrity & Portraits

"It’s not the camera that takes the picture. It’s the person"

David Bailey, Portrait Photographer

Our portrait photography studio has worked with many Celebrities over the past 10 years across a broad range of the entertainment and sporting industries.

Once all is said and done the portrait craft is really about the subject. The quality of the camera and the lighting is important, but it’s in making the subject feel at ease and in capturing the personality of the person that forms the most important element in getting the shot and nailing each brief.

Julian Dolman and Josh Wayn are the Melbourne portrait photography team and they share over 20 years of collective experience. They are two highly dedicated individuals devoted to the craft of capturing engaging portraits and professional headshots.

The approach to every shoot is always different and depends on the individual. We can offer stylised studio shoots in addition to a more candid approach to environmental portraiture.

We welcome a collaborative approach and take input from our network of makeup artists and clothing stylists as required to deliver our shoots to the elite standards.