Musicians / Artists / Authors

Neil Gibb studio Author Portrait
Rob McDonald Author Portrait
Simon Meadows
Brenton Spiteri portrait
Nicole Car Artist headshot
Fiona Jopson
Anna O'Byrne
Mark Brandi
Solungga Liu
Alexandra Grace portrait
Rosalie Ham Author Portrait
Timmy Knowles musician headshot
Bertie Blackman
Brooke Tomlinson Headshot Photographer
Rick Prakhoff Headshot Photographer
Casting Director
Simon Meadows


For headshots/portrait session and booking info click here and if you read on below there is a little spiel on what we are about.

Julian Dolman and his makeup crew share a wealth of experience and creative ideas in capturing creative artist headshots and author portraits. His clients range from writers, authors and musicians to voiceover actors and designers from both the graphic and fashion realm.

An easygoing and relaxed shooting style is most often a great fit for those who perhaps prefer not to be in front of the camera and we can also accommodate natural lighting (outdoor) shoots, as well as shoots at our studio in Melbourne or shoots on location.

Our shoot process provides opportunity for seamless style variations and brings a unique quality to every shoot. This makes certain the true personality and artistry of each  individual is captured.