Actor Headshots

Natural Light Headshot Studio Melbourne

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Since 2003 Julian Dolman has been honing his natural light headshot game while also harnessing the skills needed to be a truly confident and insightful director for his actor clients.

It is true to say eyes are the key to captivating headshots and Julian’s lighting and style is firmly centred on activating the windows to the soul and producing confident and approachable portraits that are capable of attracting and holding the interest of casting agents and directors.

Capturing great headshots is a somewhat mysterious art (click here for more on this) and most often a game of millimetres and getting the little details done right.

Jules has tailored his headshot experience to be fun and always unique, creating spontaneous yet also controlled and repeatable results.

It is well known that actors thrive from working with a good director and it is paramount to the end result that shots are reviewed and tweaked as the shoot evolves enabling the most commanding and bookable shots to be captured.

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The goal for your acting headshot is to get in the door. As casting directors sift through applications and auditions, you want your best, most unique confident and engaging self to be evident across all your headshots.