About Julian Dolman

A bit of background
Julian, the Director and founder of Headshot Photographers, has been a professional portrait photographer for over 15 years. In the beginning his clients were almost exclusively actors and actors’ agents. Today, however, his clientele is considerably more diverse and includes authors, business leaders, celebrities and much more. His folio is impressive which is one of the reasons his clients keep coming back and he gets so many referrals.

What makes Julian tick
Julian brings a great deal more to photography than just technical know-how. He instinctively understands that to get the best photograph the subject must also be engaged with the process, to enjoy the experience.

Something else
Julian’s constant companion is his dog Cole (sometimes referred to as Little Lord!). Cole often plays the role of icebreaker and without realising it, makes the whole experience more relaxed and fun for everybody.



Jules is the owner and founder of Headshot photographer and with over 15 years experience as a portrait photographer he captures a distinctive and highly sought-after brand of natural light headshots for actors, models, musicians and business professionals. With an easygoing and relaxed shooting style coupled with a well-tuned eye for natural light ensure his brand of portraiture is both unique and engaging.

Josh Wayn


A skilled photographer across a broad spectrum of the portrait genre, Josh is our go-to guy for on-location corporate photography services. Using the latest in wireless lighting setups he produces a distinctive and high quality brand of headshots for our clients Australia wide.

tim herbert


Self employed as a freelance photographer since 2008 and delivering thousands of projects for over 100 clients he previously worked as a portrait and automotive retoucher. The majority of his work is shooting stills though he does provide some video and still retouch for other photographers occasionally. In 2018 he came onboard as the Headshot Photographer industrial Photographer.

Makeup Artist's

We have a crew of preferred high quality and highly experienced commercial makeup artists that we book with and can get you a quote if you would like the service added to your shoot. It is really important to us that we book with the crew whom are familiar and experienced working with us and vice versa so we can ensure the look and most importantly the application is appropriate for the light and can also be managed properly by having them onsite at the shoot. This makes certain you get the best possible photographs and a final result that is both natural and appropriate for camera. To find out more click HERE to send us a message.


Our retouching team go to work finishing our images using the most up to date software and sophisticated editing practices. No filters and no shortcuts. All our images are finished by hand to the highest standard whether it be subtle skin smoothing, colour grading or adjustments. We place great pride in how your final images are presented to you. 

When you put them out into the world we want people to say “Wow! Amazing shots!”, which gives you great confidence and presents you or your business in a professional and elite manner.

retouching example 1
retouching example 2